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Pimping Out The Rolls Royce #110

Tuesday, December 1, 06:00 pm on FNX National

Duration: 0:24:00

Description: The King is late on rent - so he barters a deal with his landlord to customize a Rolls Royce to make up some back rent. The King (Brian White) starts the job alone 'Someone has to do the perfect job.' - but soon the boys all join in. It's not everyday you get to work on a car that fits for a King. The King's got even more big ideas. If he's going to pursue his dream of making Mad Mohawk Kustom rims and accessories he has to keep his landlord happy - the landlord owns a machine shop that can build whatever the King desires. Brian works at getting his empire organized - he's put some of his business consultant's advice into practice - but things still aren't running smoothly. The boys would rather work on cars or surf the internet, than worry about paying the bills and doing the accounting It's hard to stop the madness at Mad Mohawk, but if the King doesn't take charge of his expansion into Cornwall, he's going to be chased back to the Rez.


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Broadcast In: English