Film School Shorts

Our Culture #410

Tuesday, August 1, 05:00 am on KVCRDC

Duration: 0:28:58

Description: If the gangsters of Martin Scorsese's Goodfellas got into the fast food business, Foodfellas would result. Directed by Reuben Guberek. And as wrote, Culture is "The best 60 seconds of film you'll see at Sundance." Directed by Ari Gold. A quick stop for gas turns into a high-stress waiting game for one unlucky criminal in Open 24 Hours, featuring Brad Leland and Dale Raoul. Directed by Henry Chaisson. The episode ends with a mischievous cat that loves knocking over trashcans, much to his owner's dismay in Trash Cat. Directed by Kelsey Goldych.


Broadcast In: English