The Berenstain Bears

The Car Trip/Pick Up and Put Away #132

Tuesday, August 1, 07:30 am on KVCRDC

Duration: 0:28:46

Description: The Car Trip - The cubs are excited about going on a family trip - until they find out the destination is not Grizzlyland, but a tour of Bear Country's National Parks. Mama says that if they're more open- minded about new experiences, it could lead to a world of adventure. It turns out Mama is right. The cubs are surprised when they discover there's more fun and adventure on their trip than any amusement park could ever offer. Pick Up and Put Away - Instead of tidying up their room like Mama suggests, Brother spends his time building an amazing birdhouse for the next Bear Scouts merit badge. But he learns a hard and valuable lesson about being organized when he gets caught up in all the junk lying around his room, and trips and accidentally falls on his birdhouse, crushing it. With Mama's guidance, Brother, along with Sister, find places for everything and put everything in its proper place. Although Brother doesn't earn the merit badge for birdhouse building, he does earn an even better merit badge - the one for organization.


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